Details of CPIO/First Appellate Authority in CBC Back Print

Sr. No. Wing/ Division/ Section Work Allocated CPIO(Sh/Smt) First Appellate Authority(Sh./Smt)
1 Admin I Admin -I
IIS Cadre, PP Production cadre, Art Studio Cadre,
CSS, All Ex Cadre,
Stenographers, erst while DAVP,DFP,S&DD ,etc
Shri Bhagwan, SO Surendra Kumar, DD
2 Admin II. (A) Advertising and exhibition Cadre, CCS cadre, OP Cadre,AD(OL) {ErstWhile,DFP} MMW Cadre, LDC, UDC, Accountant, Cadre(CGA)& Ex Cadre of DAVP/DFP/S&DD etc Geeta Mohan, SO Surendra Kumar, DD
3 Admin III(A) Driver, Packers, MTS, All Erstwhile GRD Post of All 03Erst while Units etc DAVP,DFP,S&DD Jai Bhagwan, SO Nand Lal, DD
4 G.A(Infra, Claims & Reimbursements) Medical Claim, CGHS, HBA Child Education,Computer Advance Integration, CBC RO and FO matters including the merger of RR of Various categories of Staff. Apeksha Vashista, AO Sourav Das,DD
5 G.A (Procurement Sec.) All types procurement related to Officials equipment and Stationeries /IT infra Transport Arrangement , Care taking/Meeting etc, S.N. Sharma, SO Nand Lal, DD
6 Admin (II - III B) Erstwhile DFP& S&DD Cadre, All Group B & C and Programme Post. Himanshu Kumar Singh, SO Nand Lal, DD
7 MR&C Policy, empanelment, Rate Revision and Renewal Yashpal. AME Chirag Bhorania, DD
8 Outreach Exhibition. Coordination With RO/FO Kailash Chander,AD Sreerag M, DD
9 Audio Visual Production Policy (Production empanelment of AV Producers, Rates for production Empanelment of Multimedia agencies and print Creative agencies ) K.C. Meena, CO Sreerag M, DD
10 TV Camp. TV Policy Empanelment & Rates of C&C TV Channels ,TV Campaigns & empanelment C&C Channel DD Shalini Awasthi, CO Sreerag M, DD
11 Radio camp. Policy empanelment & Rates of PVT. FM Station , CRS Radio Campaigns- AIR& PVT FM CKS Sumedha Bhardwaj, CO Sreerag M, DD
12 NEW Media NEW Media K. Anurag Kumar,AD Hamid Hussain.DD
13 OUTDOOR OUTDOOR D.J. Mitra, A.Pr.M Tusar Karmaker, Pr.M
15 NIS, Calendar & Mass Mailing NIS, Calendar & Mass Mailing Subhranjan, AD Gauri M. Pandit,DD
16 Ministry of I&B / Camp. And Booklets& Studio PMO , PM Speeches President, Gauri C.Marathe,DD Amit Kumar, JD
17 -Do- Finance, Corporate Affairs Commerce and Heavy Industry MSME, Textiles Consumer Affairs Food &Public distribution Steel Coal, Mines, Housing and urban Affairs Asim Kumar Hemboram, AME Gauri C. Marathe,DD
18 Agriculture and farmer Welfare Camp., Panchayati Raj, Rural Development , Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Food Processing, jal Shakti Bishal Das, CO Naginder S Kishor, DD
19 Health & Family Welfare Ayush Chemical & Fertilizers, Social Justice., DONER, W&CD Bisal Das, CO Naginder Kishor, DD
20 Petroleum Camp. Petroleum, NOR TH,NHRC, Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Railway, Civil Aviation, Power MNRE Atomic Energy K. Anurag Kumar, AD Hamid Hussain, DD
21 Communication and IT Communication and IT, Overseas Indian Affairs, External Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Education, Skil Law& Justic, Culture,/Tourism, Tribal Affairs, Youth Affairs and Sports, Labor & Employment, Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Irshad Ali, CO Hamid Hussain,DD
22 Defense Camp. Home, DoPT SSC , DARPG, Election Commission of India Subhranjan B, AD Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
23 Voice Present Cabinet Secret ariat, CVC,C&AG, NITI AYOG Statistics Cooperation ,UPSC,CIC Subhranjan B, AD Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
24 Science & Technology Science & Tech nology, Earth Science, Space Minority Affairs Irshad Ali, CO Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
25 Raj Bhasha (OL) Raj Bhasha (OL) Vandana Tete, STO Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
26 IT Modernization and Automation IT Modernizati on and Automation Chirag Bhorania, DD Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
27 Vigilance Vigilance Bhagwan, SO Sumitra Singh, Director
28 CCRGA CCRGA Bhagwan, SO Pushpinder Kaur, ADG
29 Cash Section Cash related S.N Saroj, AO Rupa Vedi, FA&CAO